Recruitment period, otherwise known as “Rush”, is the time where students are able to experience a glimpse of Greek Life here at uOttawa. It is a period to learn more about fraternities and sororities on campus and to see if it is something for you!

Message from the Recruitment Chairman

So you’re interested in joining Sigma Chi at the University of Ottawa? 
Sigma Chi is an international brotherhood of likeminded men who look to live their lives in the constant pursuit of the fraternity’s core values; Friendship, Justice and Learning. With over 250,000 initiated members and nearly 250 undergraduate chapters, Sigma Chi strives to better the community through its philanthropic initiatives and to develop leaders for both the present and future.
Founded in 2010, the Ottawa chapter of Sigma Chi has initiated over 150 members who, through philanthropy events such as Homeless for the Homeless and Derby Days, have been able to positively influence the Ottawa community. Recently through Derby Days 2018, Sigma Chi Ottawa was able to raise over $11,000, which was then donated to CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario), Women’s heart health and Huntsman’s Cancer Institute.
Sigma Chi is unlike anything else you will find at the university and the opportunity to join is one you should not pass up on. Coming into university I never saw myself joining a fraternity. The stigma surrounding such organizations made me hesitant to see what it was like and it wasn’t until 2nd year that I joined Sigma Chi. Since then I have been given countless opportunities to develop and make lifelong connections and it has become a huge part of my life. Looking back it’s hard to imagine my life without it and I regret not taking the time to attend rush sooner. We pride ourselves on being a widely diverse community of men. No matter what your interests are or background is, Sigma Chi can be a fit for you. This semester come see what Sigma Chi is all about and decide for yourself. I look forward to seeing you at our next rush!
Keegan Daunt
Recruitment Chair

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  • Fraternity Recruitment, otherwise known as “Rush” is a time for undergraduates to evaluate the fraternities at their university and to see if fraternity life is something they are interested in. You have the opportunity to meet lots of people, make friends, and have an exciting and fun few weeks learning about Greek life. While you are having fun, take a moment to consider the ideals, personalities, and actions of the brothers of each of the fraternities you are rushing and find the organization that’s right for you.

  • Joining a fraternity is an amazing way to meet new people and get involved in your community. It allows you to make countless connections for your university life and for the future while having fun along the way.

  • Sigma Chi is one of the longest standing fraternity organizations in the world. It has initiated more than 250,000 brothers across nearly 250 undergraduate chapters throughout the US and Canada in its 155-year history – the second largest number of any Greek-letter organization. We also boast more scholarships and leadership programs than any other fraternity organization. Notably Sigma Chi is a fraternity life does not end after your undergraduate career. There are more than 149 alumni chapters worldwide to help facilitate lifelong brotherhood.
    In short, we offer prospective members the chance to be part of one of the strongest, most renowned, and most prestigious international fraternities in the world!

  • No. Rushing is a risk-free process that involves zero commitment to any fraternity. Rushing is about exploring different fraternities, meeting brothers, and learning about the values of each brotherhood.

  • No. you will never be hazed by Sigma Chi. Our fraternity is fundamentally against hazing and believes it only serves to weaken the bond between brothers.

  • To learn more about us, you can take a look at our website, Facebook page, and Instagram. Additionally, please feel free to connect with our recruitment chairman. We will host a variety of events during the summer, September, and January for all those interested in joining Sigma Chi. Please stay updated with our rush events on our Facebook page: Rush Sigma Chi- University of Ottawa 2017/2018.

  • Sigma Chi Ottawa is built upon quality members joining our fraternity who boast many different talents and convictions, however we all strive to meet the qualities described in the Jordan Standard. The standard serves as our way of evaluating new members. This has allowed us to have a diverse group of members from different backgrounds, faculties, and interest groups while all sharing the same values.

  • The brothers of Sigma Chi Ottawa have hold various positions in community groups, student government organizations, and varsity sports teams. We also run two very successful philanthropic initiatives:
    Derby Days– A week-long competition for sororities raising money for Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
    Homeless for the Homeless– A multiple day event on campus where we camp out in the winter to raise money for the Ottawa Mission, a local men’s shelter.

  • Time commitments are roughly 6 hours per week. Academics are a priority for all members and we understand it is of utmost importance.

  • Sigma Chi boasts thousands of notable alumni who carry on the traditions instilled upon them from their time at Sigma Chi. Some notable alumni include Brothers Brad Pitt, Drew Brees, David Letterman, John Wayne, Woody Harrelson, Luke Bryan, and Ty Burrell. Countless others can be found on our Notable Alumni page.

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