Are You N∑ХT?

Why Sigma Chi? A message from Rush Chair 2014-2015 Kyle Larkin

Greetings! So you want to rush a fraternity, or you’re just curious about Greek life in general. Well so far you’ve made one fundamental step in enriching your university experience. It was that same curiosity that eventually led me to rush Sigma Chi and hopefully it brings you the same amazing experiences as it has brought me. When I originally rushed, I was weary of the “frat boy” stereotypes you see in movies. I didn’t want to be labelled nor did I have much interest in drinking 24/7. Some friends of mine had instead insisted that I at least give Greek life a closer look. Upon looking into it, I realized that there were in fact stereotypical organizations like the ones you see in movies. But there was so much more opportunity I had overlooked by blowing it off as a drinking club. I was blown away by the scholarship opportunities, community involvement, emphasis on academics and athletics, social interaction and true brotherhood that was offered to me through Sigma Chi. I’ve been a Sigma Chi for nearly 2 years now and can honestly say that it is one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made with my life. I encourage everyone to take a look at Greek life and see which organization is right for you. And when you decide that Sigma Chi is the right fit, I’m always here to answer any questions you or your family may have.

I wish you all the best this rush season and cannot wait to meet new faces and the men I will eventually call brother.

In Hoc Signo Vinces

Kyle Larkin  – Recruitment Chairman


The process to become a member of Sigma Chi through Lambda Theta begins at Rush. After Rush, if chosen, an invitations (known as a bid) is extended to a particular individual that impressed brothers as one who fulfills the requirements to pledge Sigma Chi. If the bid is accepted, a pledge is born and has to undergo the 8 weeks of pledgeship where one learns about Sigma Chi, from the high ideals to the rich history. If one succeeds through pledgeship, initiation occurs and one can begin their life as a fully fledged brother of Sigma Chi.


Rush is a two-week period at the beginning of the Fall and Winter semesters where prospective Sigma Chi pledges attend events. The events are to allow brothers and rushees to meet each other and determine whether or not each is a good fit for the other. There is a mandatory attendance of at least 3 rush events in order to be eligible for a bid.


A bid is an invitation extended to a prospective member to join our order. Once accepted, the potential member becomes a Pledge and will begin their eight-week journey into pledgeship to learn about Sigma Chi and its values. Should one choose not to accept their bid, they are more than welcome to rush again.


Pledging is an eight-week period where pledges learn about Sigma Chi; its values, its rich history, and what it means to be a Sigma Chi and a member of the Greek-letter community. This involves pledge classes held once a week and eventually ends with initiation.


Sigma Chi is a lifelong commitment that begins at the undergraduate level. Although being an active Sigma Chi is not very time-consuming, there are still time commitments that must be made. Weekly meetings are mandatory, but you may also find yourself attending philanthropy events, fundraisers, parties, study groups, initiations, etc. Time commitments very from brother to brother so the choice is yours, however, keep in mind you will get out of Sigma Chi more than what you put in.


Every rush event as well as ritual is completely dry. We do, at times, have mixers and parties where alcohol is consumed but it is at the discretion of each individual. If ever there is alcohol involved, our chapter ensures there are strict risk management measures in place and at no point is anyone ever expected or made to drink.


Ritual is something we Sigma Chi’s hold very dear. It is what united us as brothers and allows us to share a common experience. Only once you are initiated are you allowed to know our ritual. Pledging is the first step to both initiation as well as understanding its significance.


Hazing is the act of making a pledge or new initiate to do something against their will. While many organizations argue it builds camaraderie and moulds you into the right fit, Sigma Chi believes that it is degrading and useless. We invite you to pledge our brotherhood because we feel you already make a good fit. At no point throughout your pledgeship or initiation will you be forced to do anything against your will.


As with most things, there is a cost of joining the organization. Paying dues allows us to host philanthropy events, own and maintain a chapter house, provide scholarships, run day-to-day operations, and essentially cover every aspect of your being a Sigma Chi. Dues vary from chapter to chapter, but Lambda Theta tries to keep dues as low as possible.